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Q1. Do I need a fishing license?

A1. Fishing licenses are required for everyone over the age of 16. I do not sell licenses on the boat. To purchase a one day or an annual license go to http://www.dfg.ca.gov/licensing/ols/ and follow the online directions. You can pay by credit card and then print a license. You must have this in possession on the day of your fishing trip. Licenses are also available at either of the bait shops in the harbor if they are open when you arrive. Better to be prepared and print it out ahead of time.

Q2. I do not have fishing gear. Do you have everything I need on the boat?

A2. Rental fishing rods, tackle and trolling weights are notincluded in the fare but are available on the boat for an additional fee.

Q3. What should I wear?

A3. Dress in layers – you can’t put it on if you don’t bring it. Bring sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses too.

Q4. What time do I need to be on the boat? What time does the boat leave the dock?

A4. Salmon fishing: The boat will typically be open by 5:00 am and the boat will depart at 6:00 am.

Rock fishing: The boat will typically be open by 6:00 am and will depart at 7:00 am.

Bird watching, fishing charters, eco tourism trips, whale watch trips and scatterings at sea: Departure times will be determined individually. Please call for specific times.

Please do not board the boat until the lights are on and the deckhand is present.

Q5. When will the boat return to the harbor?

A5. Typically the boat will be back in the harbor between 3 and 4 pm. However this may vary depending on fishing conditions, the distance travelled to find fish, and the weather. Return times for charters and other specialized trips will vary and will be determined individually.

Q6. Is there food service available on board?

A6. There is no food service on the boat. There is a microwave and an oven to warm your food. Complimentary coffee is available all day. Bring lunch, snacks, and drinks in a small ice chest or bag – we cannot accommodate large ice chests. Leave the large one in your car to transport your fish.

Q7. Where is the boat located?

A7. You will find the New Captain Pete in the Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, CA on Highway 1, 4 miles north of Half Moon Bay, 12 miles south of Pacifica. If using an online map service or GPS, use 10 Capistrano Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 as the address. Look for the boat on Dock H 1 which is the last dock on the left at the end of the main pier by the fuel dock (underneath the Texaco star).

Q8. Is parking available?

A8. Yes. There are several parking lots available at the harbor. Avoid spots that are time restricted or require a permit.

Q9. Will I get sea sick?

A9. Sea sickness is a reality. Ginger products do work for many people. Scopace patches are available by prescription only. Avoid alcohol and fatty foods prior to and during your trip. Eating something bland such as bread or crackers can help to absorb excess stomach acid. Some people find that over the counter remedies work best if started the night before.

Q10. This will be my first time fishing. Will someone be available to help me if I need it?

A10. A deckhand will be onboard to help you with your fish and tackle. He works much like a waiter in a restaurant. If you feel he has provided a good service, please feel free to tip him well.

Q11. Will the deckhand clean and cut my fish?

A11. The deckhand will clean your fish and bag it for you to take home. You can have your fish custom cut for $5/fish -ask the deckhand about this service. Leave a cooler in your vehicle to transport your fish home. Ice is available in the harbor.

Q12. I have additional questions not listed here. How can I contact you?

A12. The best way to reach me is by phone at (650) 726-6224. When we are fishing we may be out of cell phone range or I may be busy helping someone catch the fish of a lifetime. If you reach voice mail please leave a message and I will do my best to return your call as soon as possible. If your question is not urgent, feel free to send an email to info@newcaptainpete.com - I check email most evenings and will do my best to respond in a timely manner.