New Captain Pete Services

Sport Fishing

Salmon season will begin April 6, 2013, and all indications point to a good season. We are currently taking reservations for both open loads and charters. Please call Dennis at (650) 726-6224 to get more information or make a reservation.

For daily fish reports once the season begins, please visit USAFishing.

Whale Watching

Migrating whales can be seen regularly during the cool winter months on the Northern California coast. Captain Dennis Baxter is your guide in search of these magnificent creatures, and it is very common to see large groups of whales traveling together. Even on the rare days when no whales are sighted, everyone still gets the breath-taking view of the scenic San Mateo County coastline.

Scatterings at Sea

Scattering at sea is a peaceful, dignified and economical alternative to a traditional burial. Both accompanied and unaccompanied services are available.

Accompanied Services
Our one-hour service will take you beyond the Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay along the beautiful California coastline. You may include up to 38 guests, and we will make every effort to accommodate your special requests.

Unaccompanied Services
The captain will conduct the scattering in a mindful and respectful manner. We can provide you with a letter of confirmation upon the completion of the service, identifying time and location of the scattering.

Note: Services may need to be postponed due to weather conditions.